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About this website

This is a simple website that I have made to learn, practice and research about webdev since 2019.

First version was purely HTML/CSS/JS (served with GitHub Pages).
-> Then I rebuilt it with Node.js (Express.js/EJS, served with a self-hosted server).
-> Then I reimplemented it using some popular web frameworks (Reactjs -> Vuejs).
-> Then recently, I discovered a very interesting framework and wanted to give it a try.

This website made with SvelteKit with the loss of multiple braincells 🧠.

Yet simple, consistent and legible - in fact, it's incredibly fast.
In my opinion, Svelte requires less code to accomplish the same task compared to other frameworks. Syntax is easy to read, but .svelte file is a little bit weird.
(Too ideal to get a job, I hate svelte)